sloughouse 5/09

first post. im learning wordpress, so dont get all outraged if things dont make sense. they dont make sense to me either. im looking fwd to figuring out the various ins and outs, expanding my photography and maybe…..figuring out what i want to be when i grow up.

one night, in bed before sleep, my husband and i were talking about what the hell im going to do with my life. id lost (another) job due to my crappy attendance from bouts of depression. i needed to stay busy or it just gets worse, i had just watched that movie “Julie and Julia” and i decided to make a weekly project for myself. it’s Jesus week on the History Ch so i picked local churches as my first project. i gave myself 1 weekend to shoot 12 churches in the sacramento area. it was a little tiring, but i got them all and that was a great feeling. the pictures below are (obviously) not churches. theyre test pics from 09 for me to figure out how the gallery works on word press, but theyre pretty cool pics so i just left them up. at some point, i may add some of my older stuff, but the main goal of this blog is to keep me going and motivated to shoot new stuff on a regular basis.