urban jungle

my best friend’s back yard is a jungle. she shows rabbits and she has a few semi-wild ones out in the back yard. theyre insanely cute. =)


here kitty, kitty

churches pt1 3/27/10

It’s Jesus week on the History Channel and i thought this would be a good place to start with weekly projects for myself and my photography. in honor of easter, the 12 apostles, ets my goal for the weekend was to shoot 12 local churches. i had a great time both days, but the second day i was definitely moved by the beauty in the last church i visited. religion has long been a love/hate relationship for me. i grew up with out a religion, never stepping foot in a church until late in my teen years for someone’s baptism. i dont even remember who. while i dont have a personal affiliation with any religion, i enjoy reading about the various religions out there. i think there is a common under current in most of them – be the best person you can be, help others when you can and dont be a jerk. what happens after life doesnt concern me as much as what happens while im here. with all that being said, i present my first (hopefully of many) project.